Winter Is Here and so Are Slick Roads

be prepared with roadside assistance this winter from a gmepp

Though we hate to admit it, there is a good and a bad to everything…even the holidays. With the joy of the holidays comes family, celebration, and tradition, along with other pluses like vacation days and gift-giving. Unfortunately, the holidays can also have a downside. No, we’re not talking about getting stuck in a snowy…

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Bumblebee Hasn’t Always Been The Iconic Camaro…

yellow camaro smith chevy warranty

In case you are not familiar with the Bumblebee character, it originates from the Transformers series and more recently, movies. In its original 1980’s incarnation, Bumblebee was a yellow, Volkswagen Beetle, but for the movie trilogy, Bumblebee was reborn as a Chevrolet Camaro! Of course 2008 was also the year of the release of the…

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Corvettes, Astronauts, And Space—Oh My!

smith chevy warranty can protect your corvette

Just as the president is known for driving around in Cadillacs, astronauts are known for driving…Corvettes? From the years 1961-1972, GM dealer Jim Rathmann offered astronauts at the Space Center in Florida a special deal to honor their bravery and dedication. For just $1 for a full year, astronauts were allowed to lease any Chevy…

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Save Yourself Trouble Down The Road in Your Buick

get protection for your buick with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

Two cars produced in three years. Near bankruptcy. High debt with the main financial backer wanting to quit. Engineer leaving. All of these things sound like a recipe for disaster, right? Well in this case, for David Dunbar Buick, it was a recipe for success.  William Durant, founder of General Motors, was the owner of…

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Brave the Holidays with a GM Warranty | Smith Motors

Get a auto warranty quote from Smith Motors

With the upcoming holiday season, there is plenty to look forward to. During these festive times, we often travel to see family members who live near and far away. Imagine securing your home, packing your vehicle, and hitting the road, only to have your car breakdown. This means the end of your holiday plans, right?…

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Take the Opportunity to Protect your Chevrolet Vehicle

Extended Chevrolet Protection Plan

The United States is known to be the land of opportunity. From those opportunities, Americans have created a variety of ideas and products to keep the country strong. Chevrolet is a prime example of a company that did just that. It has made the best of all the opportunities it received to create a variety…

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You Have GMC Warranty Questions, Smith Motors Has Answers

Protect your vehicle with a GMC warranty

When purchasing a vehicle, we all envision how the car will run. We can picture ourselves cruising down a back road with the windows down and the radio blaring, or we see ourselves embarking on an adventure with suitcases stacked high in the trunk. But do we visualize how our new car will run in…

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GMC Warranty For Your Truck or SUV

GMC Warranty is accepted at all dealerships nationwide.

Prepare For The Road Ahead Each of our journeys leads us down different paths, but one thing is a surety, life is busy! With all the daily activities, fulfilling time-consuming obligations, and traveling between work and home there isn’t a lot of extra time for much else. Worrying about unexpected high expense vehicle repairs doesn’t…

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Trusted GMC Warranty Protects Your Professional Grade Truck

GMC warranty covers unexpected repairs at a low cost to you!

General Motors Company has made great strides since the Grabowsky brothers in Detroit sold their first one-ton Rapid truck operating from two cylinders in 1902. With each passing year, new GMC models become more reliable and more complex, hence more expensive to repair. A GMC warranty guarantees you don’t sink your savings into repairs. Choosing…

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