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I thought GM vehicles were good vehicles. Why do I need a GM Extended Protection Plan?

gmepp gm extended warranty protection planGM vehicles are designed, assembled and tested to very high standards, but the components used in today's vehicles are extremely complex and expensive to repair. Purchasing a GM Extended Protection Plan provides financial security against the rising cost of unexpected repair expense. Today's GM Extended Protection Plan will protect you against future costs for covered repairs.

Please have your VIN (vehicle identification number) and current mileage available so we can better assist you with your free price quote.

I purchased a vehicle protection plan on my current vehicle and never used it. Why do I want to purchase a GMEPP (Formerly GMPP)?

extended warranty protection planCongratulations - your current vehicle is performing as expected. You have not been inconvenienced or responsible for expensive repairs. Vehicle protection plans are similar to auto insurance. You certainly hope you will not have to use it, but you do not want the risk or uncertainty of paying for a costly mechanical or electrical repair. By purchasing a GM Extended Protection Plan (GMEPP), you transfer the uncertainty and financial risk of expensive, covered repairs to the GM Extended Protection Plan.

When does a GM Extended Protection Plan begin?

gmepp gm extended warranty plan begins from date of contract purchaseThe term and mileage of coverage are calculated from the date of contract purchase and the current odometer mileage on the vehicle. There are two forms of the pricing available: New and Used. "New" consists of any vehicle that has been in service up to 12 months AND has up to 12,000 miles on the odometer. "Used" is any vehicle that has been in service for more than 12 months OR has more than 12,000 miles on the odometer.

When does a GM Extended Protection Plan end?

gm extended warranty coverage ending timeframe Vehicle protection plans purchased on all vehicles end at the time or mileage selected. All vehicle protection plans and vehicle maintenance contracts end at the time or mileage selected (whichever comes first) calculated from the date of contract purchase and odometer mileage at time of contract purchase. For example, a 24,000-mile plan, purchased for a vehicle with 40,000 miles, will end when the odometer reaches 64,000 miles (unless the time period expires first).

How does the substitute transportation work?

gm warranty rental car coverage from smith ford gmeppGM Extended Protection Plan will pay the cost to rent a replacement vehicle or pay for public transportation. The limit is $35 per day and a maximum of $175 per repair visit*

*Rental coverage is conditional upon the vehicle being accepted for repairs or services covered by either the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or a Platinum or Silver contract.

*The repair or service must require two or more manufacturer's labor time guide hours or needs to be kept in the repair facility overnight. (Please see contract for details.)

The total dollar limit per repair visit will be increased to a maximum of $280 if the repairs are delayed because of a parts delay. The GM Extended Protection Plan must be notified of the delay within the first five (5) days of the rental period. Rental reimbursements will be made only for rental vehicles obtained through GM dealerships or licensed rental agencies.

How much does the GM Extended Protection Plan cost?

gmepp gm warranty services certified repairs and costsThe cost depends on the vehicle and the plan selected. Vehicle considerations include make/model, age, odometer mileage, new or used. The plan selected will vary in cost depending on the level of coverage, deductible and months/miles selected.

What is the Service Payment Plan?

The Service Payment Plan is an interest-free 12- or 18-month payment plan.


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