Take the Opportunity to Protect your Chevrolet Vehicle

Extended Chevrolet Protection Plan for all modelsThe United States is known to be the land of opportunity. From those opportunities, Americans have created a variety of ideas and products to keep the country strong. Chevrolet is a prime example of a company that did just that. It has made the best of all the opportunities it received to create a variety of cars just for your needs! Whether you want a car that’s strong and safe or fast and smooth, Chevrolet has all of that and everything in between. It’s the reason why Americans have trusted the name for over 100 years! Make sure the car you love and rely on stays in shape with a Chevrolet protection plan from Smith Motors. We offer protection through a GM Extended Protection Program (GMEPP) that is the only plan backed by General Motors. It extends the protection of your new, used, or leased vehicle past your factory warranty date so you are always guarded against the unexpected costs of car repair. The plan provides many benefits, like having knowledgeable specialists to repair your vehicle at sites located nationwide, and, best of all, you can purchase your protection plan at any time without burning a hole in your wallet. Take advantage of this opportunity today!

Repair your Chevy without Fearing the Price

Just how humans go through efforts to stay healthy, a Chevy must go through repairs to stay in shape. With the advancement of technology, the cost to repair the complex parts is continuously on the rise. A Chevrolet protection plan secures a price to fix mechanical or electrical damages past your 3-year factory warranty date. Just one unforeseen accident can cost thousands of dollars, immediately making the protection plan a more cost-effective option. There are multiple plans to choose from to establish your coverage level, based on your own budget. 

Moreover, any issues that arise from the “wear and tear” of your vehicle are covered, unlike outside warranty programs that will only fix your vehicle if a part was damaged or broken. With your best interest in mind, we also recommend you purchase your plan a few years into owning your Chevy. Even if your factory warranty has not expired, it allows you to get the lowest possible price for a protection plan and flow from one warranty plan to the next without leaving unprotected gaps. Free price quotes are also available to fully inform you on costs based on your Chevrolet model, manufacturing date, miles, and any other additional factors. The price quote is another way to ensure that you can have security with prices and plans, no surprises.

Service to Keep you Comfortable

Smith Motors understands how draining a car repair can be. A car is a necessity to get to work, complete errands, and see friends and family. To be hindered by car issues, especially unforeseen ones, can create a lot of problems in your daily life. With the Chevrolet protection plan, inconveniences are covered by offering multiple services to help you through your day. One of these services is car replacement. In order to get to work, the GMEPP covers car rental prices to make sure you get to your job comfortably and on time. Additionally, the plan is honored by GM dealerships throughout the United States, meaning your Chevrolet can be repaired nationwide. GMEPP Platinum Warranty also offers roadside assistance for 24-hour support to receive towing, jump-start, key and tire change, and fuel delivery services. Your road trips become a lot more fun with the guarantee that your car can be repaired wherever it goes.

A Guarantee to Keep you Happy in Your Chevy

Something that you love should always be treated well so it works and looks good. Our team of mechanics is specially trained to fix Chevrolet vehicles so they function at their best. Furthermore, we replace any damaged parts with original or quality remanufactured ones. Other repair places may use imitation parts to complete their work on your vehicle, but utilizing quality parts keeps your Chevy durable to prevent any future damages. It also allows your car to continue looking good on the road. Smith Motors has been in business since 1923, giving us time to establish ourselves on a foundation of honesty and integrity. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 100% money-back guarantee, we want to serve to the best of our abilities to keep you and your Chevy on the road safely. Contact us today!