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Smith Chevy Warranty

Trusted GMC Warranty Protects Your Professional Grade Truck

GMC warranty covers unexpected repairs and saves you money in repairs!General Motors Company has made great strides since the Grabowsky brothers in Detroit sold their first one-ton Rapid truck operating from two cylinders in 1902. With each passing year, new GMC models become more reliable and more complex, hence more expensive to repair. A GMC warranty guarantees you don’t sink your savings into repairs. Choosing the right coverage for your truck or SUV is easy with Smith Motors. General Motors endorses our official GM Extended Protection Plan. This warranty works for you, is clearly defined and easy to understand, proving to be a valuable asset. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

GMC Truck Warranties That Work Like A Pro

No one enjoys a trip to the mechanic’s shop when you have to pay out of pocket for repairs. Many times there is more to the mechanical issue than you first assumed. These expenses begin to add up quickly. Ensure the well being of your General Motors Company truck with a comprehensive GM warranty and protect your bank account from costly repairs. An official GM Extended Protection Plan guarantees repairs are completed by GM Dealership certified technicians. Coverage includes powertrain and transmission repairs which save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Unexpected repairs are emotionally and financially draining. Fortunately, with our warranty, parts, and labor are covered. Keep your vehicle in top shape and rest easy knowing you’re ready when surprises happen.

Experience the Comfort of a Platinum GMC Warranty

Protect your innovative GMC truck or SUV with an inclusive warranty designed to save money and give you peace of mind. Imagine the cost involved in repairing the below components of your GMC vehicle.

  • Engine
  • Transmission / Transaxle
  • Front / Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  • Fuel system
  • Engine cooling system
  • Heating and vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  • Electrical, computer and audio systems
  • Braking system components
  • Suspension (Front / Rear)
  • Steering system
  • High-tech components
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Safety assemblies

Feel at Ease with Our Silver GM Warranty Protection

When tragedy strikes, a Silver GM Warranty offers the relief you need from costly repairs. A lot can go wrong, but when an official GM protection plan backs you, it eliminates the threat of an unplanned repair. Explore the elements covered by our extended protection plan below:

  • Engine
  • Front / Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  • Transmission / Transaxle
  • Fuel system
  • Front Suspension
  • Steering system
  • Vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  • Braking system components
  • Electrical and computer systems

With the coverage of a GMEPP GMC Warranty you won't become a hitchhiker.

We Are Only a Call Away!

Don’t be stranded on the side of the road! When your day isn’t going as planned and your crossover stops unexpectedly, this is when you experience the full benefit of your extended protection plan. Roadside assistance is just a call away! Your GMC Warranty includes Roadside assistance which provides jumpstarts and towing. Do you have a flat tire? The comprehensive GM warranty plan also covers flat repairs. Sometimes accidents happen and your keys become locked in your vehicle. It happens to the best of us. Simply call our roadside assistance toll free number any time, day or night, and we will send a trusted locksmith to help!


GM Extended Protection Plan Covers More Than GMC

This official factory-backed warranty covers more than just GMC models. The GM Extended Protection Plan is also available for Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Saturn, and Hummer models. When shopping around for an extended warranty, contact Smith Motors for a deep discount warranty which is sure to pay for itself. Why wouldn’t you want a plan which saves you from the hassles related to costly repairs? This protection also transfers to future owners of your vehicle. Transferable warranties prove to be a valuable selling point.

Professional Grade GMC Yukon owners benefit from an inclusive GMC extended warranty.

Enjoy Your Professional Grade GMC

You’ve made a fantastic decision when you chose to purchase your top of the line GMC model. The advanced technology in your GMC truck or SUV requires more than just mechanical aptitude. With new wireless self-diagnostics and progressive electric vehicles, it takes more than only basic knowledge of the powertrain to repair these advanced vehicles. Because of this complexity, GM technicians are specially trained to service and repair GM models and accumulate over one million hours of instruction a year. These are the professionals you need to work on your vehicle. Replacing faulty parts and repairing your car is a breeze with an extended warranty backing you. Take the cost of repairs into consideration, the savings of round the clock roadside assistance, and loaner car assistance, and you quickly conclude that a GMC warranty value is much higher than its cost. Contact Smith Motors today for a free quote!