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Setting Right What’s Gone Wrong

free quote forgmc extended warranty for trucks and suv by gmeppThere’s an electricity in the air. The stereo is blasting your favorite song, your two best friends are singing along, and you all have your arms hanging out of the windows, surfing the air as you cruise down the highway. But all of a sudden, the car shuts off, and you gradually slow to a halt.

A look under the hood reveals nothing out of the ordinary, so you turn the key one last time to see if your car will start. That’s when you notice the gas gauge—empty. How embarrassing! You and your friends look around at each other, but you know what to do.

Luckily, you’ve already purchased your Silver protection plan, so after a quick call, some gas is delivered to you and your friends, and you’re ready to finish that road trip of yours!

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Please have your VIN (vehicle identification number) and current mileage available so we can better assist you with your free price quote.


Extensive Coverage

Covering some of the most common and expensive repairs

Extra Benefits

Provides roadside assistance as well as rental reimbursement

Peace of Mind

Save yourself from worrying about breakdowns & repair costs

Silver Plan Coverage Features

gmepp silver factory warranty for cars trucks and SUV

The Silver Protection Plan coverage does more to help you worry less about unexpected and costly repair bills. Silver covers the parts and labor costs of repairing specific vehicle components against failure, even if it results from wear and tear—unlike cheaper aftermarket contracts, that often have stipulations allowing them to avoid claims by citing "wear and tear". Read the fine print and you'll see that the Silver Protection Plan is an excellent option for covering parts and labor.

Silver covers a variety of components within nine major vehicle assemblies, including:

  • Engine
  • Front / Rear-wheel-drive assemblies
  • Transmission / Transaxle
  • Fuel system
  • Front Suspension
  • Steering system
  • Vehicle manufacturer-installed air conditioning systems
  • Braking system components
  • Electrical and computer systems

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Please have your VIN (vehicle identification number) and current mileage available so we can better assist you with your free price quote.

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