Winter Is Here and so Are Slick Roads

be prepared on the roads this winter with a gmepp
car ride in winter

Though we hate to admit it, there is a good and a bad to everything…even the holidays.

With the joy of the holidays comes family, celebration, and tradition, along with other pluses like vacation days and gift-giving. Unfortunately, the holidays can also have a downside. No, we’re not talking about getting stuck in a snowy cabin with your in-laws, we’re talking about inclement weather and poor road conditions that can leave you in hard places—like the side of the road. Since the weather can’t always be as desired, it’s important that you prepare yourself, and your car, for the worst. Let Smith Chevy Warranty, an extended warranty provider since 1923, walk you through the five most essential objects to have in your car this winter season.

#1 A Reliable Ice Scraper 

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We’re not talking about a five-dollar, flimsy scraper from the corner convenience store, we’re talking about a sturdy scraper with a firm handgrip and a brush for loose snow—think of it as an investment in your safety.

Driving with ice and snow on your windshield and windows is dangerous, because it can obstruct your vision and fall off your vehicle and strike other cars. To help clear your car of snow, allow your car a little time to warm up and turn on the windshield defroster to help aid the process before scraping ice and snow. When you experience the first drop in temperatures, put the scraper in your car so it’s there whenever you need it!

#2 Sand or Kitty Litter   

Okay, weird, we know. But picture this. You’re stuck in your driveway or on the side of the road after losing traction and slipping off, and your tires continue to slide each time you try to free yourself.

With sand or kitty litter, your tires will have something coarse to grip onto, giving you a better chance of getting free. Simply spread the material under the tires and in your car’s path to escape the ice and snow. 

#3 Blankets/Warm Clothes

keeping warm clothes in your car can help you in an emergency incident

Temperatures can drop extremely fast in the winter…especially when the sun goes down. If you get stuck in the snow, you are in a car accident, or your car breaks down, spare blankets and extra clothing can literally be a lifesaver when waiting for emergency help.

#4 Jumper Cables 

As temperatures continue to decrease, your car’s battery has reduced cranking power, and freezing temperatures thicken motor oil—making it even harder for your car’s engine to turn over. If you find yourself without power, having jumper cables is the first step in the battle—all you need now is another vehicle that is willing to give you a jump.

By already having jumper cables in your car, you can decrease the waiting time and get out on the roads faster. 

#5 Have Roadside Assistance

a gmpp gives you roadside assistance with your vehicle

Though this is not an object, it can be a lifesaver when you’re stuck on the roads by yourself or late at night.

So, how does one get roadside assistance?

The answer is simple—with an extended warranty.

At Smith Chevy Warranty, we provide Silver and Platinum GMPPs to shield your vehicle from the most costly repairs with the engine and main power systems. These packages also come with 24/7 roadside assistance—no matter where you are!  

So whether you find yourself in a ditch, out-of-gas, with a dead battery, or needing to be towed from a hard place, your GMPP is there to save the day! Don’t wait until the weather gets too bad—get a free quote and learn more about our extended warranties now.