Tips for Driving in a Winter Wonderland

join smith chevy warranty as we pass along helpful tips for driving in the snow

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland and driving in a winter wonderland are two completely different animals—take it from an extended warranty company!

You trudge through the snow to knock even more of it off of your car, and you can’t help but glance out to the roadway…great, unplowed, just like yesterday. 

As you brace yourself for another tumultuous journey, Smith Chevy Warranty is here to give you the lowdown on driving through the snow. In the auto industry since 1923, Smith Chevy has seen a thing or two when it comes to  winter driving and is here to help you. 

Let’s get into those tips!

Tip #1 Slow Down!!

slow down on wintery roads to help your car gain traction

This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but reducing your speed can be the difference between life and death! 

When driving on snow and hidden ice, our vehicles have less traction, which means our tires don’t grip the ground’s surface as well. By slowing down, you give your car more stopping time and a better ability to grip the road. 

Tip #2 Get Familiar With Your Brakes

Newer vehicles on the road today are equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS). This means the sensor on your wheels detects when your car slides, which tells your vehicle’s computer to engage and pump the brakes. 

If your vehicle has ABS and you begin to slide, press the brake as hard as you can. The ABS system will engage and begin to slow your car down. The important thing to note with an ABS system is that you can still steer your vehicle. So as you’re slowing down, try to avoid obstacles! 

Tip #3 Accelerate / Decelerate Slowly

You know when it’s wet outside and you punch the gas and your car slides around…hello, traction! 

Just like above where we talked about how slowing down can help your vehicle with traction, so can slowly accelerating and decelerating. 

For example, when coming up to a stoplight in icy and snowy conditions, always make sure to increase your braking distance—even if the light is green! This will ensure that if the light were to quickly change to yellow, you would be able to stop.

Tip #4 Let’s Get Up Those Hills

never floor it up a hill to prevent your tires from spinning out

We know you can picture it in your head…that DANG hill. You know, the last obstacle you need to conquer before arriving at home. 

Well guess what, we’re here to help you get up that hill. 

When you first approach a hill, it’s important to gather speed before the ascent. Now we don’t mean floor it (remember traction), but if you have a flat space before the hill you can gather a bit of speed. Then let the inertia carry you up—don’t slam on the gas halfway up the hill, that will most likely cause your tires to spin out. 

As soon as you reach the peak of the hill, slow down your vehicle as you prepare to descend. Going down hills can be tricky in the winter, so be prepared for the slick conditions. 

Tip #5 Make Sure Someone Has Your Back

with roadside assistance from a gmpp youll never be alone on the roads again

We know how careful you were…unfortunately, accidents can happen! 

Let’s say your car slid and now you find yourself in a ditch. Or maybe you spun your tires too deep into the snow and now you’re stuck—is someone close by to help you?

We hope the answer is yes, but we know that’s not always the case! So, what do you do then?

Do you have an extended warranty that offers roadside assistance?

Never Be Alone On Winter Roads Again

With a GMPP from Smith Chevy Warranty, you have the ability to protect your vehicle from costly breakdowns due to powertrain issues, as well as get the added benefit of roadside assistance.

This means that no matter where you are in the United States, you have access to roadside assistance 24/7. With roadside assistance, get access to tire changes, towing services, out-of-gas delivery, battery jumps, and more!

For more information regarding a GMPP, contact Smith Chevy Warranty at (866) 495-6123 and never get left in the snow again!