Bumblebee Hasn’t Always Been The Iconic Camaro…

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In case you are not familiar with the Bumblebee character, it originates from the Transformers series and more recently, movies. In its original 1980’s incarnation, Bumblebee was a yellow, Volkswagen Beetle, but for the movie trilogy, Bumblebee was reborn as a Chevrolet Camaro!

Of course 2008 was also the year of the release of the first Transformers movie and as such, to the great excitement of the Camaro community, the first birthday of the Camaro Bumblebee. The movie initially used a 1977 Camaro, which was later updated to a Camaro Concept model (2006-2008). The latter was built for General Motors by SSV, using the Pontiac GTO chassis as a base. Since this conversion from 1977 Camaro to 2006 Camaro Concept, Bumblebee’s alternate mode is updated throughout the film’s sequels.

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