The Wrong Time For Car Trouble

You wake up two hours earlier than you normally do. You make yourself a pot of coffee and start reading the paper. Your focus seems limited; the nerves are starting to kick in as you contemplate your answers to potential interview questions. The coffee helps settle your stomach and makes you feel much more comfortable and prepared. After you hop out of the shower you head to your closet and pull out the black single-breasted suit. You look sharp! With an hour to go, you hop in your black Cadillac and head for what hopefully will be your new office. The drive is smooth; traffic is light and the sun is shining, when suddenly you hear a harsh noise coming from your engine. This cannot be happening. You pull over as safely as possible to call a tow truck, but only after you call your potential employer to explain to them that you won’t be able to make it today due to car trouble. Luckily, they understand and you can get another interview for a later date.

Always Have a Back Up Plan

It is now an hour past your interview time as the service mechanic informs you that certain parts of your car have broken and need to be replaced. However, it’s not as bad as it may seem. You forgot that about 6 months ago you purchased a Cadillac extended warranty, which will cover everything. Your bad day seems to be looking up. A week later you have your interview and you knocked it out of the park. You say you can start Monday and they agree. The repairs will be done by then and you can impress your boss as you pull up in your fully functional and freshly detailed black Cadillac.

Extend Your Warranty

All vehicles can potentially have breakdowns like the one described, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through the struggle of costly unexpected repairs. Cadillac extended warranties are designed to keep you from paying these costly repairs. Normally consumers purchase factory warranties at the dealership, but now the process is much more expeditious. Cadillac extended warranties can be sold online and in large quantities, which means the price of your new Cadillac extended warranty is likely to be very favorable. Shopping online not only allows for convenience, but also gives you the ability to compare products and prices. Buying a Cadillac is an important investment, but protecting it just as important. Extending the warranty on your Cadillac is one of the smartest things you can do to protect yourself from unnecessary financial spending due to unforeseen repairs. You deserve peace of mind.