3 Tips When Searching for a GM Extended Warranty

Auto dealerships can at times produce an atmosphere of uneasiness by aggressively pushing GM extended warranty plans and justifying the high price with the necessity of the coverage. However, smart buyers are quickly learning that they can purchase extended warranties online at a significant discount.

A few online extended warranty sites are able to outperform your local dealership – providing the same factory-backed GM extended warranty for a lower cost. However, the buyer must still commit to doing the research before purchasing.

Here are three tips for the shopper to keep in mind when they are shopping for a GM extended warranty.

1. Make Certain It Is a Genuine GM Extended Warranty Plan

Auto extended warranty plans from many different companies are available online. Make certain you purchase the official GM Protection Plan, which is good at all GM dealerships nationwide.

2. Get the Plan that Covers the Most

It’s easy for car salespeople to tell a potential buyer all about the repairs that are covered under the extended warranty contract – but it’s equally important for the buyer to have a thorough understanding of the components that are not covered under the GM extended warranty plan. Choose a comprehensive plan that offers the most coverage. Ask for “exclusionary coverage” which protects all your mechanical and electrical components listing only what is NOT covered.

3. Know Your Maintenance Requirements Under the GM Extended Warranty 

Many extended warranties require you have your vehicle maintained in compliance with the recommendation of the manufacturer which is outlined in the owner’s manual. If you don’t follow these rules, it could result in denial of extended warranty coverage when a breakdown occurs. Pay close attention to engine oil changes and other normal maintenance procedures. Plan maintenance appointments in advance and make certain they are completed. This helps ensure that any future claims from repairs are paid without questions.

Do you still have questions? Gmeppdirectsmith.com has all the information you will need when purchasing a GM extended warranty plan. We’ll help you avoid the high dealership costs and find a plan that fits your needs and your budget.