Tire Blow Out? Don’t Panic—Follow These Steps!

your tire can be replaced with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

You’re running late, and not just fashionably late. You’re the “I’ll be there in 30,” when you rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago late. Of all days, why did you have to take a nap before your sister’s wedding rehearsal?!

To make matters worse, the sun is beginning to set, and you guessed it, you’re driving west—right into its blinding glare. As you hop onto the freeway, you push your Chevy to 80 mph… you can’t be late! Just as you switch lanes, you hear a loud BANG, and your vehicle jerks violently to the left. 

Should you slam on your brakes? What is that thudding noise? Could you have blown a tire?

Before you panic, allow Smith Chevy Warranty to walk you through this scary event—driving through a tire blowout. In the auto industry since 1923, Smith Chevy Warranty knows a thing or two about vehicles…and protecting them with GMPPs. 

Read on for helpful information on how to drive with a blown tire!

Hold That Wheel Tight

use your platinum or silver gmpp to repair your vehicle

“Alexa, call my sister,” “Hello, Alexa?” “ALEXA”! 

As you try your best to capture Alexa’s attention to let your sister know you’ll be a “little” late, you don’t notice that sharp metal object in the middle of your lane…about to collide with your tire.


What was that noise?! Not only are you trying to process the loud bang, but your vehicle has decided to jump over the line into the other lane AND slow down dramatically…on the freeway!!

Okay, breathe! First things first, clutch that steering wheel! 

Try your best to keep a firm grip on the wheel and hold it straight. If one of your front tires burst, you will feel a strong vibration in the steering wheel. If one of the back tires burst, you will feel a stronger vibration in the seat or body of the car. 

By holding the wheel straight and steady, you can minimize your chances of veering into other lanes or vehicles! 

Turn On Your Emergency Flashers ASAP

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If you’re having an emergency, let other vehicles know! 

By activating your emergency flashers right away, other drivers have time to anticipate and react to your movements. These lights can also capture the attention of drivers who may be a little distracted and not see your car slow down—giving them enough time to brake before it’s too late! 

Don’t You Dare Touch Those Brakes 

As notorious as you are for being late, you’re also known for something else…riding the brakes a little too hard. 

While your first reaction may be to slam on the brakes, it’s vital that you do not touch them. In order to maintain control over your vehicle, your tires must be kept in motion. 

It’s best to slowly ease off the accelerator and wait for your car to gradually decrease its speed.

Pull Over 

Once your vehicle has reached a safe speed, it is imperative that you pull off to the side of the road to a safe location. If an exit ramp is nearby, you should ease your car to it to get off busy roads and highways. 

Let’s say you have to pull over in a busy location. Perhaps the shoulder of an interstate? You should stay in your vehicle until professional help arrives. If you cannot call someone, wait until traffic lightens to inspect your tire! 

Who Can Change Your Tire?

get roadside assistance with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

As the minutes tick by, you can practically feel your sister’s impatience through the phone…if only you had roadside assistance! 

For GM vehicles, you can get roadside assistance with a Silver or Platinum GMPP. Not only are tire changes included with the assistance, but you get access to:

  • Towing
  • Battery jumps
  • Locksmith/Key services*
  • Out-of-gas fuel delivery

*Locksmith / Key service not available in Kansas.

The great thing about these services is that you can be anywhere in the United States (like on that busy freeway) and help will come to you!

So, How Do You Get a Silver or Platinum GMPP?

By contacting Smith Chevy Warranty of course!

Both the Silver and Platinum plans offer roadside assistance as well as repair coverage to your vehicle’s powertrain! You also get access to GM-certified mechanics throughout the US. This means that if you need a repair, only certified professionals using quality parts would do it for you!

So, the next time you’re running late (we both know there will be a next time), make sure you call Smith Chevy Warranty ahead of time at (866) 495-6123!