Stranded? With a GMPP? I Think Not!

protect your gm vehicle with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

A GPS-suggested detour turns into a breakdown as you fly down a secluded country road. You weren’t expecting to be off the highway this long, and as your gas light comes on you notice there isn’t a station, let alone another car in sight. As your vehicle slowly sputters to a stop, you pull over to the side of the road, wondering how in the world you are going to get out of this one. You can’t push and steer the car by yourself, and there doesn’t seem like anywhere to walk to get gas…

Or maybe you’re stuck with a flat on the side of the highway. In the summer heat, nobody wants to worry about changing their tire on the side of the road—especially if you don’t know if you have a spare or the tools required on you. You don’t want to be stranded in the sun relying on a stranger to offer their help while your tire sinks around the rim. No matter what your maintenance emergency, you can rely on your GMPP coverage for a fast fix!

With a Platinum GMPP, or General Motors Protection Plan, from Smith Chevy Warranty, you get 24/7 roadside assistance and reimbursement for any services needed.

So What Roadside Services Does a GMPP Provide?

get flat tire changes and emergency towing with a gmpp from smith chevy warranty

The GMPP provides customers with a range of services that can help in almost any scenario you find yourself in. Whether you run out of gas on an abandoned road, need a tire changed on the side of the highway, lock yourself out of your car at the supermarket, or need your car towed to a GM dealership, you can count on your warranty for reliable service. Tire changes, gas delivery, key service, towing, and jumpstarts are all provided to Platinum owners any time they need it.

Where Can I Use My Roadside Assistance?

Customers with Platinum coverage can expect to have this extensive roadside service available to them anywhere in the United States. North, South, East, or West—anywhere you need help in the US, you can expect your protection plan to be there. Whether on a crowded city street or a winding country road, any General Motors vehicle owner can know they’re covered in case of an emergency.

When Can I Get Roadside Assistance?

You don’t choose when an emergency happens, and you could need help at any time of the day. Accordingly, the roadside assistance offered is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Need a jump in the morning to get to work? Got a flat on the way back from a late movie? Whenever you find yourself in need of help, roadside assistance will be there to provide you with expert service to get you back on the road or in the shop safely.

How Can I Get Roadside Assistance with my GMPP?

you can get roadside assistance with a gmpp from anywhere in the united states

So you’re stranded on the side of the road—no fuel and not a soul in sight. This time, don’t worry. Know that your fuel delivery is on its way, and you will soon be back on the road and reimbursed for the service! 

To get trustworthy 24/7 roadside assistance with your GMPP, make sure to get a Platinum plan for your vehicle. In addition to the roadside service, you’ll also receive the most comprehensive plan to protect your GM. Platinum covers some of the costliest repairs on your vehicle while also providing reimbursement for roadside services and a rental vehicle. 

Those interested in having premium care and service should get their GMPP today! Learn more on our GMPP Platinum page, or contact us with questions.