Vacation time has finally arrived and you’re having the perfect day driving to your favorite get-away. Then you hear a dreadful clanking sound coming from underneath the hood. Not wanting to make things worse, you pull over and call for a tow truck to haul your car to the nearest repair facility.

The service manager tells you that certain parts in the engine have broken—and if that’s not bad enough, your manufacturer’s warranty has just expired. The final repair costs are much higher than you expected and not part of your vacation budget.

When does your factory warranty expire? Get manufacturer’s warranty expiration dates for your vehicle.

What should you do? If you have a national extended auto warranty on your vehicle, you don’t have to worry. Yes, your vehicle will still need repair, and delays are inevitable, but the repairs are covered. Most important, the stress from having to pay for repairs won’t ruin the rest of your vacation.

All vehicles eventually break down, but extended vehicle warranties can save you time and money in the long haul and can easily pay for itself during your ownership experience.

You’ll still have to pay for routine maintenance on your vehicle, but auto breakdowns can be even more costly. One big repair bill that is covered by your extended car warranty provider (like an A.B.S brake system or engine failure) can pay for the entire cost of the car extended warranty itself.

Buy an Extended Auto Warranty at Your Dealer or Search Online?

A majority of auto shoppers typically buy a car extended warranty at the same place they purchase their automobiles. But now vehicle extended warranties are being sold online in large quantities. Many online extended car warranty companies have excellent products and are very price competitive. A quick search reveals the facts. But because auto dealerships can roll the cost of extended car warranties into your car loan payments, their prices may appear to be lower. To compete with your dealership, many online extended car warranty providers offer short-term zero-percent payment plans.

Beware of the extended auto warranty sales pitch. Learn your advantages here.

For most of us, an automobile purchase is the second largest investment we will make. Protecting it by purchasing an extended car warranty is worth the peace of mind it will give you.

About the author: The Warranty Watchman, a.k.a. David Olthoff, has specialized in auto extended warranties for the past 21 years.