Extended Warranties…To Buy or Not to Buy?

purchasing a chevy extended warranty can help protect you from paying for costly repairs

Is a Chevy Extended Warranty Right for You?

Just like in a debate, when it comes to purchasing a Chevy extended warranty, it seems like everyone has an opinion. There are those who vehemently support extended warranties, telling tales of heroic roadside assistance and covered breakdowns that would have broken their bank. Then there are those who claim that paying for repairs out of pocket might save you money in the long run…so who do you believe?

When it comes to a General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP), you should ask yourself three questions to help you decide.

1. Are You Willing To Pay Out Of Pocket For Repairs?

Right out of the factory, most vehicles are covered for three years or 36,000 miles. That means if a breakdown were to occur or if a repair were needed, your car would be covered by the manufacturer—at no expense to you. As you continue to ride around in style and as your car continues to creep toward the factory warranty expiration date, you should begin to think over your options.

“Would I be okay with not continuing my vehicle’s protection?”

“Can I afford a costly out of pocket breakdown?”

“What parts normally need repairs on my vehicle?”

As you ponder your choices, you might want to contact an extended warranty provider to discuss different warranty plans.

2. Is the Peace of Mind That Comes With a GMPP Worth the Price To You?

sleep better at night knowing you have roadside assistance and protection from costly bills

We know the feeling—you’re lying in bed, thinking about your new car, when the what-ifs start…

“What if my transmission gives out?” “What if wear and tear on my vehicle leads to expensive repairs?” “Is it responsible for me to put money toward a vacation when my car isn’t covered…?”

When it comes to cars, sometimes we can’t help but worry about them. We can be driving down the road without a care, but the minute we hear an engine whine, it suddenly becomes all we can think about.

Sometimes the real benefit of a GMPP (besides the expensive repairs it can save you from) comes from the peace of mind that it provides.

3. Are The Extra Benefits Worth It To You? 

A Chevy extended warranty plan doesn’t just cover repairs to your vehicle, it also offers other benefits.

Perhaps the most popular benefit is roadside assistance. Roadside assistance covers common scenarios like towing, flat-tire changes, battery jumps, out-of-gas fuel delivery, and lockout services.

Extended warranty plans can also cover car rentals, trip interruption fees, toll-free assistance like driving directions and airline information, and plan transfers.

So, What Do You Do?

contact smith chevy warranty for an affordable chevy extended warranty quote

Though your car may be brand new and running perfectly now—will it stay that way in the future?

For those skeptical about the benefits, a GMPP can give you peace of mind and transfer any uncertainty and financial risk of breakdowns to the plan. For more information on what a GMPP can provide you or for help selecting plans, contact Smith Chevy Warranty at (866) 495-6123.